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Why Me?

There are a number of things to keep in mind when considering a maths tutor. Obviously they need to have a mastery of their subject, but equally important is how they communicate that knowledge to students who are just getting their heads around new and abstract mathematical concepts.

I  encourage students to not fear mathematical 'dead ends'.  All those who have studied maths (no matter how good they are) will have encountered problems along the way.  

Unlike some subjects, maths builds upon previous foundational topics, so identifying these weaknesses is very important, and something that I will address early on in the tutoring sessions.

"Failure is Success in Progress"

Albert Einstein

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In order for learning to take place, and be successful at maths, students have to feel at ease and not under threat of saying something 'stupid'.


I make it clear that in order to learn anything you have to 'fail' repeatedly, which includes saying things that might seem silly. I encourage this in my tutorials, as I've often asked and said the same things myself.

Finally, I genuinely enjoy working with young people and feel fortunate to have a positive input into a student's educational journey. 

Please see my testimonials to read what other people are saying about my maths tuition.

Success in Maths

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Like most things in life, such as learning to play a musical instrument or speaking a fluent second language, constant practice and repeated failure followed by small increments of success is necessary.

Fully understanding a mathematical concept will develop when problems presented in different contexts are practiced repeatedly, together with understanding why certain lines of reasoning are invalid.

​Many schools are now teaching the 'growth mindset' spearheaded by the American academic Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. By adopting a growth mindset, Dweck argues that people can achieve and be successful through hard work, irrespective of their genetic predisposition.

​​​I believe that mindset plays a huge role in learning maths, and with hard work and determination (and patience from me), a student's true potential will be reached.