Further GCSE

Further GCSE Maths is an option at some schools for higher attaining students wanting to study beyond the requirements of the Higher GCSE syllabus.


It was designed in order to challenge high performing candidates most likely to go on to study A Level maths, and it assesses mathematical rigour and problem solving skills. New topics such as calculus and matrices are introduced, whilst increasing knowledge of trigonometry, graphs and functions for further stretch and challenge.


I offer 1-1 private maths tuition for Further GCSE maths, and can help students if they are struggling with this new more demanding content, or to get their best grade possible in preparation for further study at A Level.

Benefits of Further GCSE

Students taking this course tend to find the transition to  A level easier, as the skills assessed such as algebraic reasoning and problem solving provides a solid foundation for further study.

The benefits of studying Further GCSE are:

  • Possible to achieve 'A* with distinction', which is unique to this qualification.

  • Advanced topics such as calculus and matrices are introduced.

  • Transition to A level is easier.

  • Strong mathematical ability can be demonstrated.

  • Taught in 1 or 2 years alongside GCSE maths.